From happy Bavarian sheep

We have redefined and further developed the oldest outdoor material together with experts. Our new limited edition is inspired by nature, because their wool is completely from happy sheep straight from Bavaria - more locality is not possible.

Nowadays, wool is traded on the major wool exchanges and mostly comes from Australia, New Zealand or China. We asked ourselves why are there so few products made from Bavarian wool? Did you know that shearing is hardly worthwhile for our shepherds in Bavaria and that many give up their craft? That is exactly why we are involved together Mähdusa for the use of Bavarian wool. We not only get fantastic wool from over 200,000 sheep in Bavaria, we also do something directly for the environment. Sheep act as natural lawnmowers and leave the pastures behind better than we found them. We stand for species-appropriate husbandry and local economy where people, animals and nature come into focus. Our sheep can even be visited by anyone at any time.

By working with Mähdusa and local shepherds, we can not only document every single production step and understand directly how the sheep are kept and which people are behind them. We want to promote local and small shepherds and people who are passionate about looking after our homeland and who focus on the welfare of the animals.

And now the time has actually come: From now on there is our first sneaker made entirely from Bavarian wool from Bavarian sheep - the first sneaker of its kind with the best outdoor properties. You wonder how our Bavarian Wool is made, read more here.


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