inspired by nature

We only use natural materials, which are 100% traditonell handmade in Italy and Portugal and maintain a trusting relationship with our manufactures. MONACO DUCKS makes an important contribution to environmental protection in many places. For example with climate neutrality, many projects and with each of our DUCKS.

technical wool

Our ambitious goal is developing an entirely circular sneaker. Why ? Sustainable products still waste materials and fill up landfills. Circular products reuse recycled materials and are designed to recycle. No more waste. Much more comfort for you and the environment.

everything in circulation and 100% natural.

Our DUCKS WOOL is 100% sourced from germany. We take noth-wool from the very old grey wool Pomeranian land sheep. So we can curb the monocultivation of livestock breeds.

RE:WOOLUTION. future-oriented environmental protection

When we develop new products, we look at our existing products and see if there is anything we can do better. this is how we came up with our RE:WOOLution. Only german wool is used. It is also ensured that the animals have a species-appropriate attitude.

breathable and temperature regulating

The DUCKS wool cools in summer and warms at the same time in WInter by the unique fiber structure. This also makes the shoe breathable.

water resistant

The elaborate processing of virgin wool makes it not only more resistant and warm but also water repellent.


Unlike cotton, DUCKS Wool is a natural and renewable raw material, because the wool is sheared by hand, which consumes significantly less energy than the production of synthetic materials.


The complex structure of the wool makes it very resilient and resistant to cracking.


The DUCKS wool is a particularly light breathable material that adapts perfectly to the skin and provides a good fit.