Inspired by nature.

Smart Wool

Perfectly shaped creations with full focus on detail - a world of different nuances, materials and contours. Color harmony and material research come together in a reinterpretation of design and sustainability. At MONACO DUCKS, we take inspiration from nature and consciously seek out the best materials and manufacturers. For us, that means bypassing synthetic materials as much as possible. Instead, we use loden made from 100% wool, our authentic DUCKS Wool.

Loden is the oldest outdoor material in the world and the many advantages of this material make it perfect for shoes and bags – Natural High-tech.

Breathable & temperature regulating

Loden cools in summer and warms in winter. The unique fiber structure of DUCKS Wool allows us to integrate millions of small air chambers into the fabric. These chambers act like a natural insulation and create a perfect feel-good climate on the skin. Wool and the special fiber structure allow the feet to breathe remarkably well.

Water repellent

The elaborate processing of the new wool, the fulling, makes the loden not only more resistant and warmer, but also water-repellent.


Unlike cotton, our DUCKS Wool is a natural and renewable resource. The sheep wool is sheared by hand. This uses significantly less energy than the production of synthetic materials.  


The complex cellular structure of wool makes it very resilient and flexible to rips or tears. Loden can be bent over 30,000 times without being damaged. 


Loden is a particularly lightweight fabric that is comfortable to wear on the skin. Loden flatters from the first minute, thus it gives the shoe an optimal fit.