We are now climate neutral

From now on, not only are our products 100% climate neutral, but also our entire company. 

What that means? Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges. In collaboration with ClimatePartner we have the emissions of our company including all products, i.e. all of our CO2-Footprint, calculated and then via the two climate protection projects "Stop the plastic flood - marine protection" and Better power supply and sustainable Development in India" balanced. All products that you order from us, as well as our entire company, are therefore climate-neutral. Together we make an important contribution to climate protection and promote the social and economic situation of the local people.

How and why are our products and MONACO DUCK climate neutral?

Climate neutrality means that the CO2-Emissions from MONACO DUCK including all products are offset by climate protection projects. Our products become climate neutral in three steps:

  1. Determination of the CO2Emissions

We record the relevant CO every year2-Emissions sources of our company as well as of all products starting from our sneakers, boots up to accessories & Co, and derive measures to avoid and reduce emissions from them. When calculating the CO2-Footprint will be the CO2-Emissions are recorded that arise, for example, from the materials used such as loden and leather, the production process and logistics. In addition, we take into account our general business activities, such as our MONACO DUCK office or our business trips - everything from the way to work to the coffee machine. When looking at it, the aim is first of all that much CO2-Saving emissions as much as possible.

  1. Compensation of the CO2-Emissions through a climate protection project

Climate protection projects save CO2 - for example by replacing climate-damaging technologies with climate-friendly alternatives. By doing the two projects “Stop the plastic flood - marine protection” and “Electricity from sugar cane waste - biomass”, we can eliminate all unavoidable CO2- Offsetting emissions caused by our products and the company. All projects are regularly checked by independent organizations and are certified according to international standards, so that you can really be sure that the measures are actually implemented on site. Here we present the project "Stop the plastic flood - marine protection".

  1. Product labeling with the climate neutral label

All of the products we produce are climate-neutral for you, the customer, at no extra cost. The “climate neutral” label offers full transparency.

Would you like to know more about our climate neutrality? No problem - Here we present one of our two climate protection projects in front. also explains founder Carl in an interview what climate neutrality really means for MONACO DUCK and your shoes. We also have for even more information and transparency spoke to Laura from Climate Partner.


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