Everything in the loop – our DUCKS continue.

Each pair of DUCKS is made from particularly sustainable materials that are far too valuable to simply throw away after a long service life. That's why we're working on a pilot project to give your DUCKS a second life and enable the recycling of high-quality materials. Currently, we are establishing our Take Back Service for this purpose. How it works, we show you here.

1. You send, we accept.

If you've worn your DUCKS for a long time, we'll gladly take them back. Just send a package directly to us. All those who have bought their DUCKS regularly from us will receive a reward of 30 € for each pair of DUCKS. Here you can print out a return label.

2. Piece by piece selected.

After receipt, we disassemble each DUCKS into its individual parts and check which materials can be reused and how.

3. We dispose of it.

What can no longer be used in any other way, we dispose of professionally in order to pollute the environment as little as possible.

4. We assume joint responsibility.

By sending us your DUCKS after their long life and passing on the materials as far as possible, we close the cycle of important resources and act together especially sustainable. Thank you for supporting us on this.

Please enclose this small tray with your DUCKS to be recycled.

Please download here