together strong

our partners

We need to collaborate in unprecedented ways to create true innovation. This is exactly what we need to realize our vision of a completely recyclable sneaker. That is why we work together with strong partners from various sectors. Together we can achieve great things.

transparency and environmental protection


A platform for all fashion and textile companies for digitized and closely linked supply chains, efficient management of compliance data and complete transparency down to the raw material.


It all starts with integrating climate protection measures into the corporate strategy. We calculate the carbon footprint to determine the company's greenhouse gas emissions. After a plan has been created we offsetting any residual emissions with a certified climate protection project with the help of ClimatePartner.


They use a technology called "Direct Air Capture" to filter CO2 directly from the air. For special actions, we support climeworks.

One earth, one ocean.

One earth, one Ocean is an environmental organization founded in 2021 with the goal of cleaning global waters of plastic.

Recycling and circularity


SOEX is a group of companies in the field of marketing and recycling of used textiles. Together we want to close the loop and recover valuable raw materials.



KISKA is a design agency with 250 employees from all over the world. They support us in the area of design and development.

information report


Is a journalistic collective that stands for independence, transparency and effectiveness. We are in exchange and want to take on the problem of growing sneaker waste together.

materials and production

Nordwolle Rügen

Nordwolle Rügen was founded in 2013 by Marco Scheel, who is convinced that german raw materials are just as suitable for textile production. In this way they contribute to the preservation of the species.


Together with mandusa we are committed to the use of bavarian wool. In this way, we support species-appropriate husbandry and farming in the home country.

By working with local producers, we can document every single step of production and directly understand where the yarn comes from, how the sheeps are kept and the people behind it. Mähdusa stands for species-appropriate husbandry, fair wages and human, animals and nature are the center point.


Vegea is a plant-based alternative to materials derived from petroleum. The production processes are based on the use of biomass and plant-based raw materials.

Continental / Conti-Tech

Die Continental Compounding Technology mit Sitz in Hamburg ist ein Entwickler und Hersteller von individuellen Kautschuk- und Silikonmischungen. Das Unternehmen ist eine Tochtergesellschaft der Continental AG und entwickelt für uns die nachhaltige Gummimischung der Schuhsohle. Ein nachhaltiger Freizeitschuh passt zu der Firmenphilosophie bei Compounding und Continental hat das Ziel eine klimaneutrale Produktion bis 2050 umzusetzen.

Gebrüder Mehler

The cloth factory Gebrüder Mehler focuses on the production of various types of cloth in a wide variety of uses. The company is the only cloth factory in germany and our partner since our foundation.

Sonia´s company

Sonias manufactory is located in the region of marche, which is very well known for handcrafted products. The company is specialized in the manufacture of men's and women's shoes.

Frederico´s manufactory

Frederico manufaktur is a shoe manufacturing company in Portugal. This is where our vegan sneakers come from. High quality shoes have been made here for years.