A homage - the design boot Silvio

Did you already know that every single shoe from MONACO DUCKS, so too Boat Silvio, handcrafted: in the Italian region of “Le Marche” in a traditional, family-run manufactory that has been developing and producing shoes for Formula 1 racing drivers for many years. Craftsmanship, knowledge of the anatomy of the foot and the processing of our special DUCKS Wool are very important to us, and that's exactly how it is for Sonia, who now runs this factory and all of the employees there.

Behind the name of our new one Boots Silvio is a very special little story. Silvio is the name of the original founder of our manufacture in Italy. Silvio built and managed them with a lot of love. In the meantime, his daughter Sonia continues to run it just as lovingly. Silvio loved shoes, no question about it. If he had ideas for new models, he recorded them in small drawings. Silvio is also based on one of these drawings, which he made many years ago. Silvio is therefore a wonderful homage to Silvio, the founder of our shoe manufacture. Find out how our shoes are made here.

And what does ours Boat Silvio otherwise? Are you a real explorer, love adventure and enjoy being out in nature? Do you want to do without function and style in everyday life and of course not with your shoes? Silvio, our brand new hiking-style boot Silvio, is the shoe for you - whether you're out in nature or on a rainy day in the city. Perfect for every occasion in autumn and winter and also a real collector's item.


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