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about us

Our ambitious goal: Developing an entirely circular sneaker: Why ? Sustainable products still waste materials and fill up landfills. Circular products reuse recycled materials and are designed to recycle. No more waste. Much more comfort for you and the environment.



Different materials, new ways.

Pure wool, sustainable leather, a genuine vegan leather alternative - these are just a few of our exceptional materials that are sustainable. The materials have innovative properties by nature and some properties they get upgraded by our partners. The result? Maximum know how in every way.


Our DUCKS going a new way

First circular sneaker

The sole of our ECO- sneaker is produced in Italy and made with an biodigradeable material called Go!Zero. You can see and feel the quality and can walk with good conscious through life. With this shoe we set new milestones in sneaker production.


real handcrafted

produced with passion

We like design without any compromises. We make no compromises when it comes to sustainability, fairly treated animals and highest possible comfort. Unique in its design, breathable in summer, warming in winter.


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