How your DUCKS have a long life


Fair and local sheep wool, sustainable and traceable leather, vegan alternatives without plastics – we are all about developing natural hightech materials. The result is highest comfort, natural feeling, exciting quality and endurance and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Our DUCKS Wool

Loden has a natural lanolin protective layer. Therefore, the shoe is easy to care for and protects against dirt and rain.

For additional cleaning you can moisten the material with vinegar water.

our leather

Leather is natural and delicate material, so it may discolor after some time. Therefore, it is important to impregnate before wearing the first time.

For cleaning, it is best to take a clean cloth and wipe your shoes carefully. Afterwards, let the shoe dry in the air.

our vegan leather

Stubborn stains can also be tackled with gall soap. To do this, mix water and soap, apply the soap solution to a cloth and apply to the stain in circular motions. Now wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. Please do not dry shoes in direct sunlight as they should not bleach out and please never on the radiator for that they are too cool, no seriously the material really suffers.

do not forget dry and ventilate

Anything else ? Yes, we can totally understand if you want to wear your ducks every day. But give them a break more often. It's best to change your shoes every day so they can dry out and air out properly. Only in this way can the fodder absorb moisture again.

+air, -heating

It is very important never to dry the shoe on the heater or in the sun. Only in a well ventilated room.

shoe trees? of course!

The shoe tree should always be bought one size smaller. Our shoe trees are made of wood so they can care from the inside because they absorb the moisture and get the shape.