The care of your DUCKS

Whether Bavarian loden, vegetable-tanned calfskin or Italian suede, MONACO DUCKS prides itself on using only the best materials. In this way, we offer you shoes that will accompany you for a long time with the right care and attention.

And that brings us to one of the many advantages that Loden offers - not only is it easy to clean, but most of the dirt and water roll off directly and in most cases the Loden does not get really dirty in the first place.

For additional cleaning, you can moisten the material with a little vinegar and then brush it out with a clothes or shoe brush. Edges and stains can be removed with a damp cloth and a little curd soap.

And what about the other components of your shoes, the leather and the sole?

So that your MONACO DUCKS shoes keep their shape, treat them to the luxury of a shoe tree. Wooden shoe trees smooth out creases and wick away moisture. Also recommended: Using a shoehorn prevents damage to the heel.

Loden is indestructible in its structure and unsurpassed in its properties. A material for life. With the right care, your shoe will always remain a part of you, because our DUCKS Loden has been developed for just that.