that´s our highest priority

our values

Since 2017 we have a mission at MONACO DUCKS, innovative materials, absolute transparency, responsible action and the pursuit of quality.


Our ambitious goal is developing an entirely circular sneaker. Why ? Sustainable products still waste materials and fill up landfills. Circular products reuse recycled materials and are designed to recycle. No more waste. Much more comfort for you and the environment.


We design without compromise. And we focus on quality without compromise. Rest assued, 100% of our products are handmade in small, family-run workshops in Italy or in the north of Portugal. We know exactly who makes them. Fairly produced products with highest demands of craftsmanship.

in partnership

With every company, every customer and every supplier we work together has equal properties. For us, a close and appreciative relationship with our partners has the highest priority.


We have a different way of looking at things and are always looking for the best solutions. We focus on innovation no matter what area.

climate neutral

You can be sure, our company is 100% climate neutral.


As long as possible we want to order our materials in the regions where our manufacturers are also located.

environmental protection

The support the slow fashion movement, that wants to achieve a higher appreciation of clothing. The goal is to use resources sparingly and to protect human rights. It forms the contrast to the fast fashion industry which includes cheap, fast moving clothes.

variety and creativity

We are convinced that diversity is our strength, because we are proud that our team consists of a variety of characters, because everyone is welcome to join us.


It is important for us to take complete responsibility for our actions, whether it is environmental protection, fair working conditions and wages.

passion and optimism

We love what we do and it is with this motivation and passion that we approach our work. we know that we will face great challenges, but we see them more as opportunities.

carbon dioxide footprint, Paris climate agreement, circular economy- what it means

You want to get to know more about this topic ? The most important information are in our sustainability glossar.

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