We introduce: Founder Carl

Visionary and full-blooded entrepreneur - founder Carl in profile

A Munich student rolls through the streets of Milan on his Vespa, wearing his beloved handmade loafers made of suede - the beginning of MONACO DUCK. This Munich student was Carl. At the end of 2014, Carl and Julian, friends from their studies in Bayreuth, founded the fashion brand MONACO DUCK and started the most exciting adventure of their lives. So Carl is one of the two founding fathers and has been on board the MS MONACO DUCK from the start. What began as a hobby in Milan quickly developed into a full-time job in Munich.

What is the vision of the Munich founder?

Carl has always had the dream of building something of his own and thus leaving a positive footprint. Sustainability is particularly important to Carl and his vision is to bring the first CO2-neutral sneaker onto the market. But Carl doesn't just want to change the industry in the long term, but also create a cool and exciting workplace for all future MONACO DUCK employees. 

Carl was particularly influenced by his time in Milan - it is not for nothing that the Italian reference can already be found in the brand name MONACO DUCK, Munich as MONACO di Baviera and the so-called "northernmost city of Italy". At the same time, MONACO DUCK is also a homage to Munich, Carl’s hometown.

Carl heads sales, marketing and the Operations division at MONACO DUCK, holds all the important processes in the company together and makes sure that at the end of the day you actually hold the shoe in your hands that you have ordered.

As a thoroughbred entrepreneur, Carl never goes out of work and is usually the first to get to the office early in the morning. With a lot of passion he drives himself and the whole team to endure the MONACO DUCK adventure every day with success and many new ideas.

Even if Carl is an entrepreneur through and through and they are known to always work, Carl is passionate about sports, comes cruised to the office on his longboard, is the globetrotter among us and can best switch off together with his wife.

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