We introduce: Founder Julian

Entrepreneur, designer, visionary - our chief strategist Julian in profile

Julian is one of the two founding fathers of Monaco Duck. What began as a hobby in England quickly developed into a full-time job in Munich. At the end of 2014, Julian Hermsdorf founded the Monaco Duck fashion brand.

Founder from Munich: Solidarity with home

After studying in Warwick, England, he moved to Munich for work and love. In the beginning, Monaco Duck was a project, a hobby, the creative balance after exhausting days in the office. But since 2016 Julian has been working day and night on the designs of the shoes and the development of the label.

The vision of the Munich startup

Julian was the first to throw himself into the uncertain waters of an entrepreneur. Only as a full-time entrepreneur can you really advance such a large project and develop it successfully. But there is one thing that Julian cannot and does not want to lose sight of: idealism. You don't found a shoe label today in order to be rich tomorrow. Julian is our visionary, wants to change the industry sustainably and make the world a little bit better. Hence the focus of the brand on a sustainable material, handcraft in Italian family businesses, classic designs for every occasion: Monaco Duck relies on clear values. Not fast fashion, but fair fashion.

Even if Julian is an entrepreneur through and through and they are known to always work, a healthy private life, friends and family is very important to him. Julian is passionate about playing golf with his wife, cruising across the Chiemsee with friends and traveling to Italy with his family every year. His Viszlador dog Pauli is there every day and does not leave his side.

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