The statement for the summer

Finally they are back after the success of the last two years: With the limited special edition of the statement slipper For you we not only make a fashion statement for the summer, but also for quality, outstanding craftsmanship, excellent materials and sustainability from Munich. Fair fashion instead of fast fashion to make the world a little better.

Fair fashion: why is loden sustainable?

How it works? For over 1,000 years, our loden has been the oldest outdoor material in the world and not only because of the material's outstanding functions, but also because of its extreme functions sustainability. Loden is a renewable raw material that is available in unlimited quantities and for which no animals have to die. In addition, the processing of wool and the manufacture of loden emits significantly less CO2 than the harvest and processing of cotton. 

Light summer shoes: the fashion statement of the season

A foot statement for trendsetters and guarantees the highlight of the season fresh from Munich. Our MONACO DUCK accompanies you through the summer with wit, charm and light-footedness and that in a wonderfully summery and fresh color combination - the eye-catcher at every garden party. What your summer outfit looks like? Combine your summery, handmade ducks with light-colored jeans and an airy top or with a colorful summer dress - ideal for a stroll through the small alleys of Saint-Tropez or for a refreshing ice cream at the Viktualienmarkt. A statement for the summer.

The exclusive limited edition is only available for purchase in our online shop and as part of Vogue loves Kampen at Herrenaussatter Falk on Sylt.

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