Made from recycled wool for the first time

Our first sneaker made from recycled wool! 100% sustainable, because for the production of the upper material, wool is made from weaving waste that is generated during production and otherwise disposed of unused. So why from that not loden for one of our shoes produce? We don't give the throwaway society a chance!

The special thing about this sneaker is not only that it is made from recycled wool from woven waste, but also the color. If you want to have wool made from woven waste, you first set the desired color, such as dark blue, and then all woven waste that fits this color scheme is collected. Of course, with each new production, these are slightly different color nuances that combine the woven waste and thus each time a very individual color is created that is unique in itself - each batch is unique.

Did you already know that around 150 billion pieces of clothing are produced around the world every year. 30 percent of these are sold as discounted goods and 30 percent are never sold. In 2030, 63% more clothing is likely to be produced than today. An estimated 73% of the textiles end up in landfills or are incinerated. Only less than 1% of the materials are currently being recycled and fed back into fashion production. If nothing changes, the share of fashion in global CO2 emissions will swell from 2% in 2015 to 26% in 2050. In Germany alone, more than 380 million pairs of shoes end up in the garbage every year, in the EU countries it is 2.5 billion - whether they are broken or simply no longer wanted by their owners.

We at MONACO DUCK say - it cannot and must not go on like this and have been trying since our foundation to go other ways in the fashion industry and to create new perspectives. And now the time has finally come and we have our first sneaker made from recycled wool, Of course, it is also climate-neutral. Be curious what else we will come up with!

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