Monika Gruber and Monaco Ducks

How a chance encounter turned into a collaboration based on shared values.

One day we got a call in the office. The friendly lady on the other end of the line informed us that Monika Gruber noticed our shoes while looking for products for her planned online shop. One would be interested in products that would not only be liked. One looks for companies with an interesting history, authentic actors and above all for fair and sustainably produced products.

The first question on our part was whether this Monika Gruber is the one who is known from film, radio and television. Answer from the friendly lady on the other end of the line: "Of course."

Monika Gruber also spontaneously accepted our spontaneous invitation and a few days later appeared in a good mood at our premises.

It quickly became clear to us that this was not the classic search for specific products for a common online shop. Monika has a lot more on her mind. It is about matters close to her heart, about equal treatment of the sexes and about fairness in dealing with one another. Your online shop "Moni's favorites" should not only offer the products that Monika likes, but also contribute to supporting these topics.

We were very enthusiastic about the first meeting with Monika, as we fully share her convictions. After all, we verifiably pay attention to sustainable materials and fair production in the production of our shoes. Our shoes are handcrafted in close cooperation with our partner, a family-owned Italian manufacturer. We use loden, which the Mehler company from Tirschenreuth in Upper Palatinate produces from Bavarian wool, and we support Tom Bacher, who is helping with his Mähdusa Schäfer project in Bavaria. Last but not least, we as a company and all of our products are climate neutral.

In short: We are very much looking forward to further cooperation and many great joint projects.


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