Interview with style lover Chris Fraas

Our limited edition for autumn - developed together with influencer Chris Fraas. Just like us, Chris is a big fan of the casual style. When he needs a pair of shoes that go with everything, he goes for it stylish and timeless Felix sneakers. In the interview, he tells you more about the design of his own sneaker and why he enjoyed it so much.

How was it to design your very own shoe for MONACO DUCK? What was particularly important to you?

MONACO DUCK approached me at the end of April and asked me if I would like to design my own exclusive sneaker with you. Of course, I didn't hesitate for a second, I was immediately hooked on this exciting project. Since I was born and raised in Munich, there is of course a certain connection to my hometown and also to the local brands. My own sneaker Designing for a Munich brand, which in the end will be sold exactly as it is, of course I was and am very proud. The project quickly became an affair of the heart. But what I'm also very proud of is working with a start-up where the customer knows exactly where his shoe comes from. The sneakers are handmade in Italy from real Bavarian loden. Although I had all the freedom with the design, the opinion of Carl and Julian and the entire MONACO DUCK team was very important to me. The shoe should definitely have my own touch, but also fit into the MONACO DUCK line and especially for the coming autumn and winter seasons. 

What impressed you the most about it?

What impressed me most was the ambition and will of the MONACO DUCK team to create this shoe together with me. At first I was almost flashed when I was told that I could design the shoe as I would like. I also find the manufacturing process very exciting. It was not at all clear to me how many steps, coordination and controls there were between a sample and the finished shoe. I became even more aware that you should definitely not save on shoes. The work that goes into here and the exclusive materials and therefore also the absolute wearing comfort are really rare these days.


MONACO DUCK is a young start-up and, like me, comes from beautiful Munich. I'm an absolute fan of sneakers. However, not all sneakers are the same. Everyone now wears a white sneaker, so the brand hardly plays a role anymore, since the shoes look the same at first glance anyway. But I want to wear a shoe that not everyone has and that is far more than just a “sneaker”. Carl and Julian from MONACO DUCK make exactly this type of sneaker. Different, traditional, individual but still remain true to the sneaker itself. I was incredibly excited that two guys found their own way in the big shoe and sneaker shark tank and brought their shoe to a completely different level with the exclusive and unique material loden.

How would you describe the style of the shoe?

The style of my shoe is classic, sporty, traditional and individual but still an absolute all-rounder that goes with every look and outfit. I find it very suitable for the coming autumn season as well as for warm spring days.

What is your favorite thing to wear with your shoe?

The good thing is that the shoe is really very versatile. I prefer to wear it with a classic autumn look with a coat, knitted sweater, jeans or chinos, but also with casual suit trousers and a light-colored shirt.
Of course, it would also go perfectly with a plain, light look on the warmer days.

And when do you prefer to wear it?

I actually always wear it at the moment. :) Whether for a walk on the weekend, a coffee meeting in the city or an agency meeting. Felix always fits. Thanks to the water-repellent loden, the current rain and wetness on the street doesn't bother him at all.

Otherwise, what are the trends for autumn in your eyes?

A man definitely needs a nice coat in olive or brown tones. Plain-colored fine and coarse knitted sweaters made of merino or cashmere with a round neck always work. I've also become an absolute fan of flannel shirts. Monochrome or with a subtle checkered look in the lumberjack style and underneath a white basic shirt. Of course, blue jeans always fit. Alternatively, I would use casual plain-colored wool trousers in autumn. As accessories, I definitely recommend a nice long merino or cashmere scarf in gray, beige or black and a matching hat.
In general, the autumn colors this year are berries, fir green or mustard. They look best paired with all-rounders made of practical materials in restrained colors such as black, gray or beige.

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