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What do sheep have to do with MONACO DUCK? Everything! Because without sheep there would be no MONACO DUCK shoes made from 100% loden - an elaborately processed fabric made from pure new sheep's wool. We attach great importance to working with a renewable raw material that neither consumes valuable resources nor contains chemical additives and for which no animals have to die.

Exciting fun facts about sheep

Loden is made from virgin wool, the freshly shorn wool of sheep, and we can actually be quite jealous of these cuddly animals, because their wool is something like their natural functional clothing for the sheep. Wool keeps you warm because its naturally curled fiber traps a lot of air. Wool regulates temperature and releases excess body heat into the cooler environment. And otherwise sheep have a lot to offer, we have put together the most interesting fun facts about our favorite animal, sheep, just for you.

  • Sheep are almost professionals in face recognition. They can develop individual sympathies, remember at least 50 faces of their sheep colleagues and even ten of people.
  • Sheep are able to make conscious choices. Their brain size and structure is similar to that of some species of primate.
  • Sheep only eat plants and are very fond of herbs, grass and grains. They spend most of the day eating - you'd have to be a sheep.
  • Sheep can experience a wide variety of emotions such as fear, anger, despair, happiness, boredom and disgust. They are also very social animals. This is how sheep build friendships, rarely fight with each other and feel sad when one of their herd members dies.


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