Spring cleaning for the shoe cabinet

Finally the days are getting longer again, the sun is showing more and more often, the dreary weather is mostly over and the winter shoes can take their well-deserved summer break. So that your beloved MONACO DUCK boots are ready to go again next winter, you store them over the warm season - this is how it works:

  1. First clean and maintain
    In order to protect the loden and not to damage the winter shoes, you have to clean them thoroughly before storing them. Now get on with the dirt: Clean your MONACO DUCKs with a little lukewarm water and a brush or cloth. You can help with stubborn dirt with a little gall soap.
  2. Use form generator
    Of course, your boots should also keep their shape over the summer. That is why it makes sense to pad them well - preferably with a shoe tree or shaft tensioner, of course, but paper is also better than nothing.
  3. Store in a dry and dark place
    Your MONACO DUCKs should also survive the summer well, just make them comfortable: The easiest way to store your shoes is in shoeboxes or a shoe sack. But even wrapped in tissue paper, they survive the summer undamaged and are protected from dust and sun. This is how your MONACO DUCKs can enjoy their hibernation in peace.

If your ducks are neatly stowed away, there is space again in the shoe cabinet for new colorful summer shoes.

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