Summer sneaker. Colorful & fresh

The days get longer, the nights somehow too and the thick boots give way to colorful models that make us dream of the sun on our faces. Nobody wants to have their feet locked in models that don't make the rest of the outfit feel like it's easily over 20 degrees outside - it's time for a spring cleaning in the shoe closet.

Colorful spring with sneakers

Our shoes are true classics and Sneaker Charlie in particular has an incredible number of fans, from young to old and among ladies and gentlemen alike - who is surprised, only a few sneakers come across as so uncomplicatedly stylish. For the upcoming spring and the warm summer months of 2020 we have come up with something very special this year - two wonderfully colorful Charlies who can just put you in a good mood.

Sneakers for hot summer days

Do you still remember the past summer, the sun on your skin and the narrow streets of Florence - it was precisely with these memories in mind that we created our colorful Charlie in the colors pink-gold and blue-blue. Effortlessly chic while evoking memories of hot summer days. The handmade sneaker is the classic choice for every occasion, the shoe that takes you seamlessly from day to night and looks just as good at a party on a mild summer evening as on the beach or a relaxed stroll through town.

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Bitte senden sie mir einmal alle Modelle zu. Danke im Voraus Brigitte Harnischmacher

Harnischmacher June 22, 2021

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