This is how DUCKS Wool is created

Loden is the oldest outdoor material in the world and due to the many advantages of the material it appears to be made for our sneakers, loafers and boots from Munich. The loden for our shoes is a special new sheep's wool, which is processed in a very complex way and then made weatherproof in a special process. 100% natural and sustainable.

This is how loden is made

Loden is made from virgin wool, i.e. the freshly shorn wool from sheep, and is processed and refined in numerous steps.

The first step in the production of loden is grinding. In the wolfing process, different types of wool are mixed and torn by a machine. If the wool is sufficiently mixed, the fibers are combed and spun several times into a yarn.

The finished spun yarn is woven into a fabric in the next step. Different weaving techniques are used depending on the intended use.

The process of flexing is what makes our loden so special and what sets it apart from normal fabrics. The woolen cloth is milled in lukewarm water with the addition of curd soap using pressure and friction. The wool becomes matted and thicker. This creates a homogeneous surface that covers and seals the even structure of the fabric. Loden is thus a material that consists of only one fabric but of different layers, almost like a burger or a sandwich: The outer layers form a barrier against water and dirt, while the inner fabric ensures stability and through the gaps in the fabric an isolating effect is created.

Finally, there is a final refinement by dyeing the fabric and then drying it, which many loden manufacturers actually do in the fresh air.

You see, the production of the loden is very complex and takes place in many different steps, because this is the only way our loden gets the properties that make our shoes - all completely natural and often exactly as it was made 100 years ago.

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