We are into design, appreciate fresh ideas and love what we do - we have decided to reinvent ourselves - step by step. Don't worry, we can reassure you - we will always make shoes. The fun of life and the joy of what we do continue to be reflected in the lightness and aesthetics of our products, in our work and in our identity. But we are evolving and let you discover it here on our website!

In the past few years we have been very committed to the environment, have become climate neutral, have planted trees and supported renewable energies.
We have set an example both through the choice of our material, our DUCKS WOOL, and through the sustainable manufacturing process of our products.
We were only able to achieve a lot through you and your support. We have always started campaigns and received great support from our customers.

Overwhelmed by the reactions from you, we became more and more aware that we have long since become a community.
People who like to dress well and fashionably? Naturally! In doing so, do not neglect the sustainability idea - but yes! So people who identify with MONACO DUCK - they exist, that is you.

The inevitable consequence for us: We no longer want to stand as a brand on one side, while your customer forms the opposite pole.
We want to grow closer with you. Moving more together. Strengthening a sense of community and being strong through the community - also symbolically - that is why DUCK becomes DUCKS.

Going through life elated step by step - it's just more fun together. This is what we stand for, you stand for - this is what MONACO DUCKS stands for.

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Wo gibt es die Schuhe zu kaufen?

Gerlinde Klostermann June 22, 2021

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