​Sneaker MOD.2 wool/ grey

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Can grey also be really green? Of course, because with the wool from ancient endangered sheep breeds we once again prove our design without compromise.

Sneaker MOD.2 wool / grau - MONACO DUCKS grey
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    ​Sneaker MOD.2 wool/ grey

    ​Sneaker MOD.2 wool/ grey

    Our new MOD. 2 – even more sustainable and a bitmore comfortable. The loden made of stone-greynorthwool comes from endangered Landschafbreeds from Rügen and is simply irresistibly good-looking. Like theclean design that ensures therelaxed style. Handmade in Italy for the best quality, for sustainability, for you.
    • Upper material: 100% loden made of North Woolfrom Rügen
    • Loden: Breathable, sustainable & water repellent
    • Color accents made of Virdis® (Öko-Text-100) withorganic/PU-mixture based on corn
    • Inner lining made of newly developed 100% breathable microfibre (maize based) that can absorb extremelymuch moisture – heat-regulating andhighly comfortable + 100% recyclable
    • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable Go!Zerorubber sole
    • 100% handmade in Italy

    Together with experts, we have started the ReWoolution: further developing the classic loden fabric into our DUCKS Loden. Unlike conventional merino wool, our DUCKS Wool in grey is a virgin sheep's wool from ancient land sheep breeds from Rügen processed very elaborately and then weatherproofed in a special process. 100% natural.

    Loden is a particularly light fabric that is pleasant to wear on the skin and gives our shoes an optimal fit. Wool allows the feet to breathe particularly well. Our shoes are therefore breathable, temperature balancing and prevent unnecessary sweating. The elaborate processing of the virgin wool, fulling, not only makes the loden more resistant and warmer, but also water-repellent and even dirt-resistant.

    Loden is naturally protected by lanolin and is therefore extremely easy to care for. Lanolin protects the wool fibre from rain, dirt and odours. However, additional impregnation does not do any harm! Regular airing and brushing with a natural hair brush maintains the quality of the fabric very well. For additional cleaning, you can moisten the material with light vinegar water and then brush it out with a clothes or shoe brush. Edges and stains can be removed with a damp cloth and a little curd soap.

    Always with fun

    That is us.

    We are ready to break new ground and revolutionise the fashion industry. Our ambitious goal - We want to develop a completely circular sneaker. To take the fashion industry in a new direction, we need to question everything from manufacturing processes and material production to communication about the carbon footprint of our sneakers and the ethics of the supply chain. We are proud to combine innovation with design and sustainability - see for yourself.

    Made in Italy & Portugal.

    Handcrafted in Europe.

    Where innovation meets craftsmanship and years of experience meet new approaches. Every pair of DUCKS is handmade. In a small, family-run factory in Italy or at our partner's in the north of Portugal, where they also know exactly what makes sustainably good shoes. And that, by the way, is more than just good shape.

    Hightech material wool.


    Recycled wool that would otherwise have ended up in the trash is cleaned, spun and woven into a premium fabric for our sneakers. Circularity does not only mean ensuring the reuse of materials after the end of their use, but also avoiding waste and using natural materials from the beginning. The advantage is great: Wool is a rapidly renewable raw material, does not have to be manufactured in a complex way like synthetic materials and does not consist of complex material combinations that make recycling difficult. What's more, wool is biodegradable.

    That´s how sustainability works.

    We are climate neutral.

    You can be sure: All our products and our entire company are climate-neutral. Because it is our claim to make a contribution to climate protection . Because we don't just want to get involved on our own doorstep, we support the Brazilian forest protection project in Pará. It prohibits the deforestation and commercial use of an area of 86,000 hectares on the Amazon, creates educational opportunities and sources of income for the local inhabitants.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    David Jones
    Great Sneaker!

    I can really recommend this Sneaker! I wear it every day and you can see the quality is amazing.

    Great job!

    Manfred Huber
    Ein echter must-have!

    Von der Qualität sowie vom Look ein echter Must-have! Ein Sneaker für jeden Tag!

    Renata Kurz
    Gemütlich und stylisch!

    Hallo zusammen :)

    Dieser Sneaker gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich kann ihn nur weiter empfehlen. Er ist sehr bequem und man kann ihn super kombinieren. Vor allem sind Sneaker aus Wolle sehr modern gerade.

    Hannes Thomsen
    Einfach Klasse!

    Bin ein totaler Fan von eurer Marke! Tolles Konzept und einzigartige Modelle! Nur weiterzuempfehlen!

    Mila Dubbert

    Ich bin ein absoluter Unterstützer der Marke Monaco Ducks. Meine neuste Errungenschaft, der MOD.2 wool ist einfach ein toller Schuh und tatsächlich eine Verbesserung im Vergleich zu den älteren Modellen. Super bequem und eine tolle Kombinationsmöglichkeit zu aller Art Outfit. Der Preis ist zwar hoch, aber es lohnt sich zu 100% für diese besondere Qualität! Ich warte nur auf die neuen Modelle, bin aber auch schon mit dem MOD.3 vegan am liebäugeln!