​Sneaker MOD.1 wool / navy

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100% recycled wool, 100% high quality, this is the loden made from sections in the wool spinning mill. With this, our sneaker makes a real statement in terms of design without compromise.

Sneaker MOD.1 wool / navy - MONACO DUCKS navy
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  • ​Sneaker MOD.1 wool / navy

    ​Sneaker MOD.1 wool / navy

    Blue as night on the outside, green on the inside. Our highly sustainable classic comes completely new in loden from 100% recycled wool - new sections from the highest quality production. The new sole is even lighter and softer and also environmentally friendly. Handmade in our Italian factory, the ReWoolution stands on casual and particularly stylish feet.
    • Upper: 100% loden made from recycled wool cuttings of the highest quality production.
    • Loden: Breathable, sustainable & water-repellent
    • Colour accents made from Virdis® (Eco-Text-100) based on maize and wheat
    • Inner lining made of newly developed 100% breathable microfibre, which can absorb an extremely high amount of moisture - heat-regulating and maximally comfortable + 100% recyclable
    • Environmentally friendly and degradable Go!Zero rubber sole
    • 100% handmade in Italy

    Together with experts we have developed the special virgin sheep's wool. This is upgraded in a specific process weatherproof and 100% natural.

    We have further developed the classic loden fabric into our duckswool. Our Ducks wool in navy is made from 100% recycled wool cuttings very elaborately processed and weatherproofed. 100% natural.

    Loden is a particularly light fabric that is pleasant to wear on the skin. Wool allows the feet to breathe particularly well. Our shoes are breathable, temperature balancing and prevent unecessary sweating.

    Loden is naturally saved by Lanolin. Because of the Lanolin the material is easy to clean and safe the fabric when it´s raining or other environmental factors. Regular airing and brushing with a natural hair brush maintains the quality of the fabric very well.

    For additional cleaning, you can moisten the material with light vinegar water and then brush it with a clothes or shoe brush. Edges and stains can be removed with a damp cloth or nuclear soap.

    always with fun

    this is MONACO DUCKS

    Our ambitious goal: Developing an entirely circular sneaker: Why ? Sustainable products still waste materials and fill up landfills. Circular products reuse recycled materials and are designed to recycle. No more waste. Much more comfort for you and the environment.

    Made in Italy and Portugal

    handmade in europe

    We only use natural materials, which are 100% traditonell handmade in Italy and Portugal and maintain a trusting relationship with our manufactures. MONACO DUCKS makes an important contribution to environmental protection in many places. For example with climate neutrality, many projects and with each of our DUCKS.

    hightech material wool

    Our ambitious goal is developing an entirely circular sneaker.

    recycled wool that would otherwise have ended up in the waste is cleaned and woven into a premium fabric for our sneaker. Recyclability means the reuse of the materials after use and avoid waste from the beginning and using natural materials. The advantage is big: Wool is a fast growing raw material and does not have to be manufactured at great expense like synthetic materials do. Wool is biodegradable.

    that´s the way of sustainability

    we are climate neutral

    The shoes and also the company is climate neutral. Our ambitious goal: Developing an entirely circular sneaker: Why ? Sustainable products still waste materials and fill up landfills. Circular products reuse recycled materials and are designed to recycle. No more waste. Much more comfort- for you and the environment.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Loni S.

    Mittlerweile habe ich bereits meinen 3. Paar Sneaker bei Monaco Ducks gekauft.
    Bei diesem Mal gab es große Probleme bei der Versendung bei DHL. Das bestellte Paar Schuhe kam nicht an und ist in der Vorbereitung für den Weiterversand versackt.
    Ich musste mich mehrfach an M.D. wenden. Nach 4 Wochen Kampf habe ich die bestellten Schuhe erhalten, die nach Versand in kürzester Zeit an kamen.
    Mit dem Versprechen "bestellen und sich genüsslich zurücklehnen" war leider nichts.
    Nun werde ich weiterhin noch von DHL kontaktiert, um den Verbleib des 1. Paketes zu ermitteln. Der Link von DHL funktioniert aber nicht!!! Das nervt total! Das Paket kam noch nicht mal nach Niedersachsen!!
    Die Schuhe Mod.1 WOOL/Navy sind wie immer in gleichbleibender Qualität.
    Bin natürlich nun unsicher, ob ich bei einer späteren Bestellung mir das noch einmal an tue.

    Langlebig bequem hochwertig

    Das ist schon mein zweites Paar.

    Stefan Fister
    Hohe Qualität und tolles Design

    Es ist bereits mein drittes Paar und alle sehen noch wie neu aus. Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist hervorragend. Ich werde Monaco Duck weiterhin treu bleiben.

    Stefan Hettinger
    Wie immer: Best

    Also mit vegan kann ich garnichts anfangen, zu teuer für recycelt "Reste". Mein Klassiker aus Loden, das ist "Schuhwerk" at its best. Naturmaterialien für Schuhe, seit Menschengedenken.

    Michael S. Langer
    Nr. 10 oder so ;-)

    Nr. 10 oder so halt. Immer wieder die für mich richtigen Schuhe