Inspired by nature.

We only use 100% natural or strongly by nature inspired materials. Out of them we create the perfect connection of design and sustainability. The best combination of colour harmony and extraordinary shapes. The well-done mixture out of great performance and love of the detail. Reduced to two words: MONACO DUCKS.

Vegan leather

The Italians can wine and they can fashion. And know they cobined both to create Vegea®, vegan alternative to leather, which is made of grape marc. Unexpected different, espeacially durable and comfortable.

"Leather" made of grapes.

Looks like leather, feels like leather, but isn´t leather. The plant-based leather alternative is very sustainable. It is an working example how the 850 tons of grape marc (the rests of the wine production) can be used appropriate, except as fertiliser or animal feed. After the pressing the rests of the grapes they are cobined with plant oil and water-based polyurethane (PUD, whichs is the most ecological type on the market ) The result? A eco-composite material, which is coated on organic cotton. The vegan leather consist of 70% regrowing and recycled raw materials.

Guaranteed durable.

In addition to the special raw material is the vegan leather Vegea® very durable and fullfills the stict european regulation (REACH), is free from solvents, animal friendly and of course made in Italy.