Inspired by nature.

We only use 100% natural or strongly by nature inspired materials. Out of them we create the perfect connection of design and sustainability. The best combination of colour harmony and extraordinary shapes. The well-done mixture out of great performance and love of the detail. Reduced to two words: MONACO DUCKS.


Since thousands of years people carry shoes made of leather. But only, if the raw material is well selected and processed, one can speak of a sustainable, natural material. All leather wich is used for our DUCKS is made of Italian LWG-certified eco calf leather. The seal ensures a sustainable and responsible production of leather.

Specially selected. Specially processed.

For us really matters where the leather is sourced and that we can follow its whole way back. Our leahter is a side product of the Italian cattle farming. We ensure that the leather is used for something useful instead of ending up as waste. In carefully choosen tanneries the leahter is plant-based tanned and dyed.

Extraordinary - in many ways.

Every piece of our leather is unique, you can see and feel that is a sustainable, natural product. And that´s exactly how it behaves: breathable, heat insulating, moisturising. Further more the leather is very smooth but also elastic and durable. It adapts well to the foot. Providing the right care, your leather DUCKS will accompany you for a long time.