Our ultimate Tegernsee guide

Yes, we love our beautiful Munich. But what we appreciate at least as much is the beautiful surroundings and especially the Tegernsee. Here we and Sneaker Charlie always enjoy being out and about on our weekends - whether it's an idyllic picnic, action-packed on the water, hiking with a fantastic view or relaxing while feasting. Together with Charlie we will show you our favorite places on Lake Tegernsee - a holiday atmosphere guaranteed.

Picnic cookies

Have you just arrived at the beautiful Tegernsee? Before you can start you need a little refreshment and where does it taste better than outdoors in nature.

Lido Point

Which picnic spot could be better than right on the shore of Lake Tegernsee. In the lido Point you can not only go swimming, but also have a picnic, play beach volleyball and dream of going on holiday while strolling on the sandy beach.

Otherwise, just take a real snack with you on your hike and enjoy it with a hearty rest on the way to the summit. 

Up in the air

Freshly strengthened or with a snack in your rucksack, you can go on a short hike in the mountains.


Without question the classic among the mountain spots and hikes on the Tegernsee, but from Wallberg you also have one of the best views of the Tegernsee and the surrounding area. From below you can get to the top in about three hours or you can simply take the cable car up to the top.

Berggasthof Neureuth

A fantastic view over the Tegernsee and a mountain panorama from the Wetterstein Alps to the three-thousand-meter peaks of the Zillertal Alps - that's after a 1.5 hour hike at the Berggasthof Neureuth, including local delicacies.


Stop in and climb a mountain - Hirschberg we are coming. You reach the summit after a 2-2.5 hour walk. Big advantage: The Hirschberg can be walked at almost any time of the year and is also extremely popular for sledding in winter!

Cool off on the water

After your hike, it is now time for a bit of refreshment and relaxation and what better way to do that than directly on the Tegernsee with your very own boat.

Boat rental Malerwinkel in Rottach Egern

Off to the Tegernsee and undisturbed - just rent your very own boat, for example at the Malerwinkel boat rental in Rottach Egern. Special tip: You can get a particularly pleasant tan on the Delta 600 motorboat, because no other boat offers such a large lying area.



Delicious feast

After such an exciting day at Tegernsee, our feet have to rest even in Sneaker Charlie and we just want to end the evening with goodies. Where is this best done? We'll tell you.

Gut Kaltenbrunn Gmund

Panorama beer garden with a wonderful view, picnicking in the area or a stylish, hearty inn - this is what Gut Kaltenbrunn in Gmund is known for. The property has been run by Michael Käfer since 2015, who should be familiar to pretty much everyone. Gut Kaltenbrunn promotes regionality and tradition and it's just wonderful here.

Malerwinkel in Rottach Egern

You can also dine incredibly delicious in the restaurant of the family-run Hotel Malerwinkel in Rottach Egern. You can enjoy the view of our beloved Tegernsee in a wonderfully informal way and the delicacies served are really something for gourmets. A mixture of Bavarian tradition and exclusive delicacy.

Fischerei Bistro in Bad Wiessee

When we spend the whole day on the water, of course, local fish is also part of it - we definitely like it best at our fishing friends in Bad Wiessee, and we have a cool glass of wine or champagne with it. Here you can marvel at the glittering sunset over the Tegernsee in a great atmosphere.

Ferry hut 14 with a small beach club

The Fährhütte perfectly combines what we love the Tegernsee so much for - down-to-earth and yet very special, traditional and modern, extravagant and yet super cozy - Wiener schnitzel, seafood, oysters. Everyone is guaranteed to get their money's worth here and you can just really enjoy yourself.

Wuidara Bar

If you fancy a sundowner after a delicious feast, stop by the Leeberghof's Wuidara Bar. Excellent drinks, a fantastic view and an atmospheric candlelit atmosphere guarantee the perfect end to your Tegernsee weekend.


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