Change your course. The perfect sailing day

Fresh wind, splashing water and unlimited freedom - there is nothing better than spending a day on the water sailing with friends, letting your thoughts drift and anchoring in beautiful bays and exciting islands. This is exactly what our Charlie sneaker loves more than anything - being out and about, preferably with friends.


Cast off and savor the light breeze - sun on your face and Charlie's on your feet. The wind is good and together with your friends you can whiz across the lake in your sailboat. After a bit of adrenaline and various maneuvers, you cast the anchor and enjoy the shallow water near a small island - Charlie's feet and dare to jump into the cool water. Back on the sailboat and let the warm rays of the sun dry you off. It goes without saying that you also have a small picnic with delicious antipasti and a cool bottle of rosé on board - the sunset can come.


 Your sneaker for sailing

Such a relaxed sailing day naturally also requires the right footwear. Charlie is not only super comfortable and loves to be on the go, but is also extremely robust, breathable and water-repellent.

The light-colored sole is perfect for your time on board, because it is abrasion-resistant and does not leave any marks on deck - ideal for a relaxing day on a sailing yacht. And even in the evening when you anchor in the next chic harbor, you cut a good figure in your sneakers - your favorite shoe for a lively day on the water.



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