Do something good for your ducks

Have you always wondered whether loden is really that robust and resilient? Sheep wool and therefore also loden actually cleans itself. However, if there is a hardship, it is super easy to clean. We'll show you!

Shoe cleaning guide from Monaco Duck on Vimeo.


We currently spend most of our time at home and before you get bored, how about a long shoe-cleaning session with your ducks - they will definitely be happy! That's how it's done: 

  • Regular airing and drying is the basis.
  • Simply brush off dirt with a soft natural hair brush.
  • You can easily get rid of coarse dirt with a little water, gall soap and a brush.
  • Pro tip: Use one for shoe care Shoe trees wooden. This not only maintains the shape of your shoe, but also wicks away moisture.


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