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Support your Locals: Right now it is important not to let your local favorite spots hang, but to master this crisis together with our "Locals". We also support our local dealers in a variety of ways during these times!

We have put together everything you can do now - from our favorite takeaway spots to cultural events to vouchers & Co.

buy food

Sure, you can only get some things in big supermarkets, but right now the small greengrocer or delicatessen around the corner is looking forward to your visit. A stroll through the Viktualienmarkt or other local markets is also worthwhile, because the majority of the stalls supply you with fresh fruit, vegetables and delicacies as usual. Of course, you don't have to do without wine & Co at the moment. Many wine and beverage retailers are open as normal or even deliver free of charge to your front door.

  • Tübenecker at the Viktualienmarkt
    Natural, aromatic fruits and vegetables. Free from pesticides & toxins. All of this is available from Trübenecker on the Viktualienmarkt. And best of all: the vegetable boxes will come to your home! Register on:
  • Delicatessen beetles
    Who doesn't know him? The headquarters of the Feinkost Käfer in Bogenhausen. If you want something special, then you've come to the right place. Within Munich even with courier delivery, otherwise shipping also goes throughout Germany!


The best takeaway spots in Munich

You don't feel like cooking anymore and finally want something different? No problem, because at the moment many restaurants offer to-go options or you can even have your food delivered to your home. We are now introducing the favorites of our team to you in Munich:


  • Joon
    Fantastic pasta and salads to-go and via food taxi to your doorstep.
    Theresienstrasse 114

  • Heinrich Matters
    You can pick up bowls, burgers & Co directly from Heinrich Matters and enjoy them on the sofa at home.
    Luisenstrasse 47
  • Cordobar
    Real Spanish tapas for delivery or collection. People who collect them receive a 20% discount.
    Corner of Ickstatterstrasse, Klenzestrasse 1A
  • From to
    Pasta, risotto, cake, coffee & Co - everything to collect, have it delivered and, above all, to enjoy.
    Luisenstrasse 22
  • Soul Kitchen
    Goodbye frozen pizza - get the best pizza around Gärtnerplatz from Soul Kitchen. You can also have them delivered in the evening.
    Fraunhoferstrasse 27 A
  • King Loui
    Our favorite burgers during the lunch break right around the corner from our office - it's good that we can continue to enjoy them via Lieferando and Orda.
  • Ballabeni
    We don't want to do without our favorite ice cream at the moment either - luckily we can order it online from Ballabeni and enjoy it on the balcony in the sun.
    Order here:
  • Shotgun Sister Coffee Bar
    Finding something sweet like cake and the like is not that easy at the moment, but at Shotgun Sister Coffeebar you can get food for the nerves, even hearty ones.
    Deisenhofener Str. 40


A little culture against boredom

Every day you can also experience pure culture directly from your sofa at home, whether concerts, readings, theater etc. You can find the most important events for Munich here:

And some museums also offer virtual tours and small video clips, for example in Munich:

  • The German Museum
  • Munich State Painting Collections
  • Munich City Museum
  • Villa Stuck
  • House of Art
  • Lenbachhaus
  • Museum Five continents and many more

And apart from that, of course, all cultural establishments and cultural workers are happy if you don't just return the tickets you have bought, but also support them financially with this contribution.


Get employment: books & co

How about if you'd rather support the bookstore, fabric store or the game store around the corner instead of ordering everything from large online shops? Numerous bookstores in Munich and other cities offer, for example, deliveries and contactless collection and are incredibly happy about every single order.

And otherwise?

You don't feel like shopping, ordering food and you just can't or don't want to go outside? We understand that only too well, but you can also support your favorite labels, shops and restaurants in other ways. Just buy vouchers that you can redeem later and give us and everyone else your attention in the social networks by following, liking and commenting. And last but not least, just tell all friends and acquaintances you know what they can do for their favorite spots.

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