our vision: a referral program where everyone benefits: you- the environment- us

Our ambitious goal: Developing an entirely circular sneaker: Why ? Sustainable products still waste materials and fill up landfills. Circular products reuse recycled materials and are designed to recycle. No more waste. Much more comfort for you and the environment.

the idea

For more support we currently have to place ads via facebook and co. We know that it is inefficient and not compatible with our philosophy. But we are already working on alternatives.

That means

If you recruit a new customer you and the new customer have both advantages, because the new customer gets 25€ discount on his order and you can choose between a MONACO DUCKS voucher worth 100€ or cashback in the amount of 50€. You can also choose a donation for 50kg of fishing from the sea (in collaboration with One Earth One Ocean).

and that´s how it works

If you know potential new customers, give them your personal referral code from the newsletter. The new customers can then order using this code and also receive 2€ discount. The minimum order value is 139€. When we write you a message you can choose your reward. Either 50€ cashback, a donation to fish 50kg of plastic from the sea or a 100€ Monaco DUcks voucher. When the return period for your recruited new customers is over and they have kept their shoes, we will also redeem your reward.

Good to know

Everyone can recruit, but is has to be a new costumer. It doesn´t count if it´s a familiy memeber, a friend or a collegue. You can recruit as much as you want.