We carefully select the best materials and the best manufacturers for our handmade shoes. Our partners have worked for great designers and are experts in what they do. We also concentrate on small businesses and a close personal relationship with the owners, so that we can influence every step in production at any time. If you should ever get a faulty product, please write to us and we will help you with a replacement or a refund.

Shopping online can be tough, we'll try to help. For each shoe, we write how the size turns out. You can also send us an email at with your desired product, your normal shoe size (e.g. at Nike) or the length and width of your foot. Basically, our sneakers and men's loafers are half a size larger, the women's slippers a bit smaller and the jackboot up to a whole size larger. All other models have a normal fit. We are happy to help you find the right size for your new sneaker, loafers or boots from Munich, handmade in Italy.

Hopefully that never happens. If you should receive a defective product, please write us an email with your order number and the description of the error (preferably with a picture). We take care of this.

With all of our Charlie, Lou, Max and Felix sneakers, you can take the sole out of the shoe and, if necessary, put your own insole into the shoe.

Our shoes are made almost exclusively from natural materials. The inner leather is made of naturally tanned calfskin. Because of the warmth of the feet, it can indeed squeak. What helps is to powder the inside of the shoe and the insole with baby powder. The powder makes the leather supple and doesn't stain either, don't worry.

All of our handmade sustainable shoes can be made in exactly the color you want. We can also have some of our models made in Italy in larger shoe sizes. Both options are therefore custom-made shoes. Contact us directly via

Our vision: a CO2-neutral shoe. For over 1,000 years, our loden has been the oldest outdoor material in the world, not only because of the material's outstanding functions, but also because of its extreme sustainability. Loden is a renewable raw material that is available in unlimited quantities and for which no animals have to die. In addition, the processing of wool and the manufacture of loden emits significantly less CO2 than the harvest and processing of cotton. Like all other slow fashion labels, we also produce locally and do not offer our customers fast-moving mass-produced goods.

Every single MONACO DUCK shoe is handcrafted: in the Italian region of “Le Marche”. The best shoe manufacturers in the world are at home here - because real craftsmanship is a family tradition here.


Loden is probably the oldest outdoor fabric in the world. We have it manufactured in Bavaria and Austria and specially refined with Teflon. This makes it more suitable for our handmade shoes than suede. Our Teflon loden is more durable, water and oil repellent and dirt can simply be brushed out. In addition, loden is particularly breathable and comfortable, and highly sustainable shoes from local production are also created. It is not for nothing that loden has been used in hunting for centuries, for particularly stressed products or even as fire protection.

Loden is very easy to care for. Cleaning is very possible, even if it is often not necessary. Loden made of 100% pure wool is self-cleaning due to its natural properties, especially in connection with oxygen. A few hours in the fresh air, then wipe with a damp cloth, let it dry and, if necessary, treat with a soft brush are completely sufficient to care for your MONACO DUCKs - goodbye to hours of shoe cleaning. You can find more information on care here.

Due to the elaborate processing of the virgin wool, the fulling, the wool is not only more resistant and warming, but also water-repellent. MONACO DUCK shoes are water-repellent and of course you can also wear them in the rain.

Loden is breathable, so it warms in winter, but also cools in summer. The leather lining is perforated and supports the function of the loden. We also use a particularly fine summer loden for our summer collections.

We get our loden from Bavaria and Styria in Austria from traditional companies that have been producing natural cloths for over 500 years. Most of the sheep's wool comes from New Zealand. Mulesing is prohibited there and is severely punished. We have also been working with wool from Austria since our first year and would like to expand this even further.

Leather is the most widely used material for shoes and is known for its long-lasting properties as a high-quality natural material. However, it is important to pay attention to the correct origin of the leather and to its processing. We attach great importance to organic leather, which is vegetable-tanned. Our leather for our high-quality and handmade shoes from Munich comes from Italy.


Unfortunately, we don't have our own store at the moment, but we do have a showroom. In our showroom you can try out which size Charlie, Max or Felix sneaker is the right one for you and then order it directly on site. Please do over or make an appointment by phone 089/30707489 so that you are not standing in front of closed doors. You can find our showroom here:
MONACO DUCK / Bavaria Ventures
Gollierstraße 70 House C - 4th floor
80339 Munich
Next underground station: Heimeranplatz If you are not from the Munich area and you feel uncomfortable while shopping online, just contact us. We'll tell you the nearest store that stocks our exclusive handcrafted shoes.


MONACO DUCKS stands for modern classics with an individual twist. Exclusive quality through the best materials and high-quality workmanship for our sustainable shoes from Munich. We manufacture exclusively in Germany and Italy. So no fast fashion that is replaced every two months. But exclusive classic shoes that you can wear for years - fair fashion: sustainable shoes from Munich.

We are three friends who founded MONACO DUCKS and a small team of great employees. With the brand, we want to do what we enjoy. Create new things and go new ways. We want to create high-quality and, above all, sustainable shoes with which we and you can fully identify. And maybe challenge and improve the fashion world on the side.

The brand stands for laid-back and relaxed Munich. We live in Munich. We are from Munich. We love the Munich way of life and the mix of big cities and leisure. We're quick in Italy or Austria in the mountains. For the Italians, Munich is the "Monaco di Baviera", the Monaco of Bavaria. Hence the name MONACO DUCKS. A tribute to Munich and to people who enjoy life and know what they want. Sustainable Luxury - Only the best for you from Munich.

All information about your order, shipping, payment methods and returns can be found here.