Design is our top priority. Because we are a fashion label with a conscience and not an eco-label with no fashion expertise.


Throughout the entire design process of a new collection, Julian keeps the DNA of MONACO DUCK and the German design tradition in mind. Colours, combinations, lines, patterns and shapes gradually come together to form a complete collection. A return to basics: The design of our shoes is timeless, simple and elegant, clean and understated. Inspired by the feeling of joie de vivre, the integrity of our values and the people who surround Julian.


Like no other, our design stands for the German design tradition, combining a well thought-out concept, high-quality materials and a technically sophisticated finish. This is exactly what we have created with our merino wool shoes and the hand-made production in our Italian factories. It is precisely this casual, elegant sincerity of German design that makes our shoes so special and embodies the quintessence of function and design.

MONACO DUCKS are the shoes for every weather, every occasion, every location and every outfit. No matter where, no matter when. Our shoes fit your lifestyle. For every occasion. Day & Night. In & Out. Work & Leisure. Home & Travel. Urban & Nature.