Cuddly warm. Your winter sneakers

Are you an absolute sneaker lover and don't want to swap them for boots even in winter? We have the solution for you, because we have the from now on fluffiest sneaker in the world: Lou sneakers made of loden but watch out, they are lined with cashmere and therefore just wonderfully warm and super cozy. So you don't have to open on cold days Sneaker dispense.

The winter sneaker: cozy styles for cold days

Of course, our lined sneakers are not only cozy and warm and wonderfully comfortable, they are also true style all-rounders. Thanks to the elegant anthracite, they go perfectly with any outfit, especially of course with casual city looks with jeans and a coat. Like all of our sneakers, the limited, lined cashmere edition is a unisex sneaker and warms the feet of both ladies and gentlemen.

But what is cashmere anyway?

Cashmere (also cashmere) is obtained from the fur of the cashmere goat and, due to the fineness of the fibers and its high flexibility, is one of the finest types of wool in the world. Cashmere wool is particularly warm in winter, even six times better than sheep's wool. In addition, moisture is quickly absorbed and discharged to the outside. Your new favorite sneakers will warm your feet, but also prevent unnecessary sweating at the same time. As you can see, like our loden, cashmere is an absolute miracle material and just wonderfully fluffy.

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