Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS
Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-rot - MONACO DUCKS

Sneaker MOD.3 vegan

Our purely vegan sneaker is innovatively made from the remains of wine making. In addition, the high-quality timeless design contributes to our understanding of slow fashion. This is what we call sustainable good taste.
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„Meine DUCKS sind fantastische Sneaker, die mir wie angegossen passen. Vor allem die Qualität ist super. Absolute Empfehlung!“

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The unique fibre structure of DUCKS Wool allows us to integrate millions of small air chambers into the fabric. This allows the feet to breathe particularly well.
Water repellent
The elaborate processing makes the wool not only more resistant and warming, but also water-repellent.
Temperature regulating
Our DUCKS wool cools in summer and warms in winter. Loden is a particularly light fabric that is pleasant to wear against the skin. Loden flatters from the very first minute.
100% climate neutral
With us, not only our products are 100% climate neutral, but also our entire company. Fashion and design are our passion and are fun for us - it should be for everyone involved.
100% vegan
The animal-friendly leather alternative consists of 70% renewable recycled raw materials. The “leather” is made from leftovers of wine production, among other things – a strong added value.
Moisture regulating
The Onsteam® inner lining is 100% breathable with an extremely high absorption capacity. Moisture is absorbed and the foot always stays dry. In addition, it regulates warmth and is comfortable.
Plant-based and robust. The vegan eco-composite material withstands a lot. It can be easily brushed and wiped wet.
Climate neutral
With us, not only our products are 100% climate-neutral, but also our entire company. Fashion and design should be fun – of course for everyone involved.

Good taste isn’t enough anymore. A good conscience has to be added. No problem, our completely vegan sneaker combines both without compromises. It is made of an alternative leather based on the remains of Italian wine production. The red heel reminds the real connoisseurs.

  • Upper material: Vegea®, the plant-based leather alternative made from grape jams, combined with water-based polyurethane – coated on organic cotton
  • solvent-free, animal-friendly
  • Heel part made of Evida, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – also fully vegan.
  • The lining consists of a newly developed microfibre, which is 100% breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture– heat-regulating and comfortable + 100% recyclable
  • PETA /Vegan Approved sole made of recycled rubber without harmful ingredients for people and the environment
  • Vegan footbed made of 100% natural cork and other recycled, reusable materials with high cushioning.
  • Handmade in Portugal

Leather, that’s not. This is how you can describe the vegan leather alternative Vegea®. Because it doesn’t just look like that, it also really feels similar. This innovative “leather” is made from leftovers of Italian wine production – that is, from pomace, peel, pulp, seeds and stems. For this purpose, it is combined with a water-based polyurethane (PUD) to form an eco-composite material and coated on organic cotton./p>

Not only does this give Italian grapes a well-fitting job, but it also creates a material that is 70% renewable and recycled. Not to mention that this vegan leather is really comfortable, it also looks stunning. After all, that's exactly what sustainability can be.

Those who want to keep their ducks for a long time should take good care of them. Our vegan sneaker is robust and durable. It is best to remove coarse dirt with a soft brush and then wipe it slightly with a damp cloth.

Proper shoe care and maintenance of your DUCKS will help to ensure their longevity in wear. If you follow the guidelines below and treat your shoes in the correct manner, there is no reason why your shoes will not last for many years.

Be sure to impregnate your DUCKS with a waterproofing spray before wearing them for the first time. When waterproofing, the motto is: it's better to apply a thin layer regularly than a thick one once.

For cleaning, use a clean, damp cloth and carefully wipe the Ducks. Then allow the shoe to air dry.

Stuff damp Ducks with absorbent material (newspaper) and allow to dry slowly - not directly on or near the heater. 

Vegan wie es sein soll.

Vegan. Long-lasting. Cool.

Handmade in Portugal

Dein Fußabdruck. Unsere Aufgabe.