Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / white-lightgrey

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Our purely vegan sneaker is innovatively made from the remains of wine making. Inaddition, the high-quality timeless design contributes to our understanding ofslow fashion. This is what we call sustainable good taste.

Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / weiß-grau - MONACO DUCKS whitegrey
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    Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / white-lightgrey

    Sneaker MOD.3 vegan / white-lightgrey

    If you're into vegan sneakers, you're in for a surprise with a truly sustainable option. Because our leather alternative is made by hand in Portugal from the leftovers of grape production. 100% vegan and with the light grey heel, a combination that adapts to a wide range of styles and still ensures a firm standpoint.
    • Vegea®, the plant-based leather alternative made from grape marc, combined with water-based polyurethane - coated on organic cotton solvent-free, animal-friendly.
    • Heel part made of Evida, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - also fully vegan.
    • The inner lining is made of a newly developed corn-based microfibre that is 100% breathable and can absorb extreme amounts of moisture - heat-regulating and maximally comfortable + 100% recyclable
    • PETA/Vegan Approved sole made from recycled rubber with no harmful ingredients for humans or the environment
    • Vegan footbed made from 100% natural cork and other recycled, recyclable materials with high cushioning.
    • Handmade in Portugal

    Leather that isn't leather. That's a good way to describe the vegan leather alternative Vegea®. Because it doesn't just look like leather, it really does feel like it. This innovative "leather" is made from leftovers from Italian wine production - in other words, from pomace, skins, pulp, seeds and stems. For this purpose, it is combined with a water-based polyurethane (PUD) to form an eco-composite material and coated on organic cotton.

    So not only do the Italian grapes get a well-fitting job, but it also creates a material that is made from 70% renewable and recycled raw materials. Not to mention that this vegan leather is really comfortable, it also looks stunning. After all, that's exactly what sustainability can be.

    If you want to keep your Ducks for a long time, you should take good care of them. Our vegan sneaker is robust and durable. The best way to remove coarse dirt is with a soft brush and then wipe lightly with a damp cloth.

    Stubborn stains can also be treated with bile soap. Mix water and soap, pour the soap solution onto a cloth and apply it to the stain in circles. Now wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

    Speaking of drying: Never leave shoes to dry in direct sunlight - they should not fade. And please never leave them on the radiator, they are simply too cool for that. No, seriously, the material really suffers.

    Always with fun.

    This is us.

    We are ready to break new ground and revolutionise the fashion industry. Our ambitious goal - We want to develop a completely circular sneaker. To take the fashion industry in a new direction, we need to question everything from manufacturing processes and material production to communication about the carbon footprint of our sneakers and the ethics of the supply chain. We are proud to combine innovation with design and sustainability - see for yourself.

    Made in Portugal & Italy

    Handcrafted in Europe

    Where innovation meets craftsmanship and years of experience meet new approaches. Every pair of DUCKS is handmade. In a small, family-run factory in Italy or at our partner's in the north of Portugal, where they also know exactly what makes sustainably good shoes. And that, by the way, is more than just good shape.

    Made of grapes.

    100% vegan.

    The Italians know wine and they know fashion. And now they have even combined the two. With Vegea®, the vegan leather alternative made primarily from grape treser. The innovative material is characterised by a high proportion of plant-based, renewable and recycled raw materials: Grape residues from wine production, vegetable oils and natural fibres from agriculture. Vegea® works closely with Italian wineries, resulting in a material 100% from Italy. Surprisingly different, especially durable and comfortable.

    That´s how sustainability works.

    We are climate neutral.

    You can be sure: All our products and our entire company are climate-neutral. Because it is our claim to make a contribution to climate protection . Because we don't just want to get involved on our own doorstep, we support the Brazilian forest protection project in Pará. It prohibits the deforestation and commercial use of an area of 86,000 hectares on the Amazon, creates educational opportunities and sources of income for the local inhabitants.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews
    Ralf Hartmann
    Meine Lieblingssneaker

    Die Sneaker tragen sich super und sehen total cool aus. Sind schon jetzt meine Lieblingssneaker.

    Ich liebe SIE!!!

    Die Schuhe tragen sich wirklich super, so bequem, meine neuen lieblings Sneaker - ausserdem sehen sie dazu noch klasse aus!
    Ich finde eure Firmenphilosofie toll und es war eine nette, zuvorkommende Kaufabwicklung!
    Ich muss viel laufen und stehen und trage sie beruflich oft den ganzen Tag, endlich mal Schuhe die schön, stylisch und bequem sind!
    Liebes Monaco Ducks Team, macht weiter so, Danke!
    Eure sweetDIVA

    Michael M.
    Top Sneaker

    Die Sneaker sind super Verarbeitet und schauen wirklich gut aus. Lieferung ging auch schnell, wenn man bedenkt, dass die
    Sneaker erst nach Bestellung gefertigt werden.

    Peter Prijak

    Wie alle Monaco Ducks lieber eine Nummer Größer bestellen.
    Schuh ist gut verarbeitet und der Zehenraum fällt im Gegensatz zum Sneaker Charlie ausreichend hoch genug aus. Die Portugiesen können einfach Sneaker.
    Also guter Tragekomfort.
    Das synthetische Innenfutter kann leider auch nicht zaubern, der Fuß schwitzt darin deutlich mehr als in Ledersneakern, von Atmungsaktivität kann kaum die Rede sein trotz Lüftungslöchern im Vorderfußbereich.
    Ich trage sie abwechselnd mit anderen weißen Sneakern (von JAK aus Portugal) und .bis auf die Atmungsaktivität (die dem Material geschuldet ist) fallen sie kaum ab dagegen. Das ist schon lobenswert.

    Sara Mundt
    Liebe ihn!

    Superleicht, superschön und nachhaltig! #liebenwir